About Us

Your Canadian Sister was founded by the desire to be of Humble Service to those who are ready to embark on their journey of awakening to Self-Love.

Your Canadian Sister has learnt that Trials are given to us to shift us out of our comfort zones. To transform our lives into something bigger and greater.

In 2012, Your Canadian Sister faced the greatest trial of her life! She was three months pregnant, when her husband was deported from Canada. For two years she was a victim of her circumstance. She questioned the powers that be what she had done to deserve such an injustice to her life.

After two years of silently suffering with depression, anger, and so much more, she found Gratitude for this trial. The moment she began being Grateful for this trial, is the moment her life began to transform into something she had previously wished for, but never believed was possible for her. She began being grateful for anything and everything (the birds singing, the snow storms, the rain, etc). She looked upon life with different eyes. Eyes that saw beauty in so many things she had taken for granted before. She began having a true and meaningful appreciation for the blessings in her life!

This trial gave Your Canadian Sister confidence, belief in herself, and most importantly, awakened her to Self-Love. Self-Love has awakened Your Canadian Sister to the many beautiful aspects of who she is as a human, and what she has to offer the world.

Loving yourself first and foremost in life is an experience Your Canadian Sister's heart desires for each one of you!

It is my great Honor to Humbly Serve you as you embark on this Incredible Journey of Self-Love, Learning and Growth!

Your Canadian Sister,

Cheron Kovacs

Teacher of Self Love

"Self Love is just a Heartbeat Away"